akhymjanja.wordpress.com is my other blog.

The scribbled thoughts of a passionate Muslim bro whose got mad love for Deen Al Islam. I am no sheikh, just your average Muslim Youth fighting stereotypes, idiocy, high taxes, islamaphobia, hollywoodphobia and other types of phobia..the list is quite long.

All in all, the message has to be delivered, so if you got your shotgun aimed at me please remember the age old adage, ‘don’t shoot the messenger’……shooting messengers doesn’t end well! Remember, even the King of Sparta kicked the Persian emissaries into some pit….it didn’t end well, he died….and probably dined in hell.

Dining in hell may not be such a brilliant idea!

Ok, since i can’t stand in the masjid and give a lecture, i figured it’s best to do what i love doing; putting my thoughts into written word. i believe in the power of the written word. And since am not yet in position to fund construction of a masjid (i copied this from a good bro called Omar!!) why not just form a platform where like-minded people can connect, learn and aid each other in becoming the best for this Ummah?

And when i die, for surely we will all die, none of you awesome akhyz and ukhtiz will say that Abu Amirah was never there for you!!

From this end am pleased to be of service to the Ummah. Please leave me a comment, i try to be as open minded as humanly possible (i hope my brains won’t pop out!!). Share your thoughts and sentiments. Am sure we will learn a lot from each other now, won’t we?

Yours Bro In Deen!
Abu Amirah


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