Happiness has nothing to do with richness or poverty

George Bernard Shaw said;

“I cannot say that i have ever tasted poverty. Before i was ever able to earn a living by means of my pen, i had access to a huge library, the public library of the British museum, and the best of art exhibits near Trafalgar Square.

“What could i have done with money? Smoke cigars? But i do not smoke. Drink champagne? But i do not drink. Buy thirty suits in the latest fashion? But then i would quickly be invited to dinner in palaces by those whom i try to avoid as much as possible. But horse? But they are dangerous. Cars? But they annoy me.

“Now i have enough money to buy all these things, but i only buy what i used to buy when i was poor; a book to read, a painting to ponder over, an idea to write. On the other hand, i have a fertile imagination and i cannot remember needing anything more than to lie on my back and imagine myself the way i like, doing whatever i want in my imagination.

“So, of what use to me are the miserable luxuries that are sold in Bond Street?”


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