The Fallacy of this worldly Life.

Jesus [peace be upon him] said this in regards to the world:

“Do not take this world as a lord so it takes you as slaves. Cross it and don’t build on it. Remember that love of the world is the root cause of every sin. Many a desire produces great distress for its people. The world does not settle in the heart of a person except if his heart is attached to three things;

  • Work with consistent suffering,
  • Endless poverty and
  • unending desire.

The world is both a pursuer and sought after; the seeker of the hereafter is pursued by the world, so that he can take his provision in full. The pursuer of the world is followed by the Hereafter, until death comes and grabs him by his neck.

O assembly of disciples! Be content with little of the world, keeping your religion safe- just as the people of the world are satisfied with little of the religion to keep their world safe.” [extracted from Ibn Qayyim’s book Excellence of patience and Gratefulness as a quotation from Ibid (31, 35)]

Abu Hureyrah (may Allah be pleased with him) said;

“The world is suspended between the heavens and the earth since Allah [SWT] created it and it will remain so until He brings it to an end. It is calling upon its Lord: ‘My Lord! Why do you hate me?’

The answer comes from Allah [SWT]:

Keep quiet, you are nothing! Keep quiet, you are nothing!’

Al-Fudayl said:

‘The world will come on the day of judgement, walking arrogantly with its adornment and glamour. It will say:

My Lord, make me the resting place of the best of your servants.’

Allah [SWT] will reply:

I do not approve of you for him. You are nothing , so be scattered like dust.’


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