Global Messenger Day: Mombasa Chapter.

The first time approaching someone with the message of Islam is never easy, but becomes smooth with every other such instance you make. Look at it from a sales point of view where you are required to perhaps sell a particular product to a specific target audience. The first pitch is always hard but as you proceed it becomes easier and you find yourself smiling more and exploring certain characteristics of the product to make it more attractive for the prospect.

Propagating Islam is almost similar because it’s a pitch which in so many ways is aimed at changing someone’s life; it benefits the Da’ee very much the same way it does to the listener since it increases one in Imaan and knowledge. Selling the message of Islam requires one to understand that it is the best of speeches and the ‘product’ has been designed by our creator who gave His stamp of approval that it is the religion He has chosen for mankind.

“This day have i perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and chosen for you Islam as your religion.”

                                                                                                Quran 5:3

“If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to God), never will it be accepted of him.”

                                                                                                Quran 3:85

So inasmuch as someone may be apprehensive about the message of Islam we are trying to offer them, ours is just to deliver; guidance comes from Allah (SWT) and there is never compulsion in religion. We should however be very empathetic to our colleagues who are not yet Muslim because we all know that dying in a state of disbelieve leads to an eternal life in hell fire.

This past Saturday we had the opportunity of participating in the #GlobalMessengerDay which went down simultaneously in six continents covering a total of fifty countries; all spreading the universal message of Islam and our beloved Prophet (pbuh). Awesome, right?

At the end of the event here in Mombasa we had, walillahil hamd eight people who embraced Islam. The eighth person was a brother who came right after we had closed everything and we were heading for Salatul Asr; he came looking for a free copy of the Qur’an translation and that became an asbab for him to become a Muslim. His predicament was such that he considered himself not to have any religious identity or affiliation and his intention of wanting a copy of the Qur’an translation was so he could read it and if it appealed to his spirituality, embrace Islam!

There was an instance where a lady came looking for directions to Budget supermarket which is just a few metres away from where our tent was, and when one of our participating brothers shared the message of Islam with her she was mesmerised. She was even more amazed when she got a free copy of the Qur’an translation which she said she had been looking for all along.

The message on the wall was very clear; many people want to know what Islam is all about but no one has reached out to them. Perhaps, unfortunately so, the only thing they know about Islam is the bits of clichés in the media which do not even give a sketch of what true Islam is.

And to think that all these people are out there walking without the knowledge of Islam, yet we meet them everywhere- in the buses, banks, universities, marketplace, banking halls etc and depart without even sharing Islam with them!

We also have a long way to go as Muslims since as bro Feysal Kassim pointed out during the training here that we get more occupied preaching what Islam IS NOT (in regards to terrorism etc) as opposed to what it IS (tranquil, complete way of life- way of all prophets).

The event was a first for us in Mombasa and we hope to have more of such sooner than later because we have seen just how much people need Islam. One of the brothers, Abdallah, a high school student at Sheikh Khalifa weeped when he led his first person to Shahada. It must have been overwhelming taking him through God’s Oneness right to accepting that indeed Islam is the most ideal way of life and uttering the Shahada. I know that image will stick in Abdallah’s memory for years to come!

The most valuable lesson learnt from all that is how an act laden with pure intentions for the sake of Allah goes a a long way. I will mention here not only the wonderful brothers and sisters who participated in it but Sheikh Jamaludin specifically. I have been with him not only during the planning of this event but in many instances where sharing Islam with others is concerned. He has a very soft spot for New Muslims and the role he played in ensuring that the event went down without a problem was exemplary.

It came to a point, for instance when we discovered in the last minute that the permit had not been approved, that i felt like hugging him and telling him all will be well. That even if they do not approve we could still put on our ‘Who do you love’ tshirts and hit the streets away from the prying eyes of the Municipal officers and still give Daawah. I am a first hand witness of just how much he went through for this event; it’s only Allah who knows his reward!

Some say that Capital is not scarce, vision is; we say “Capital is not scarce, INTENTION is”. Many are the instances when we set our minds on how much money is needed to run a Daawah event and forget about having the right intention. This event was a case of everyone having the right intention (and Allah knows best), at the right time for the right reason.

Many thanks to the  students of Sheikh Khalifa and Technical University of Mombasa (bro Khalid), brother Shamsudeen and all the other brothers and sisters who played a part in ensuring that the message was delivered. It was because of your pure intentions that this event was a success and eight people embraced islam.


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