Kenya Street Daawah

We have all at some moment in our lives been at a place where we are surrounded by people who are not yet Muslims. Not surrounded in a negative way like they want to stone you or something, no. Just in the normal course of our day to day activities; at home, work, at the bus stop, inside the buses, flights, favotite burger places, at the banking hall etc.

We find ourselves getting into normal conversations and banter- prejudice and religious differences aside. Conversations about our favorite teams in the EPL, fashion trends, politics, weather and perhaps even about our kids and how they are performing in school.

Our regular interactions start conversations about the things we have in common and while it flows we discover things about each other which in some instances become the building blocks to great, beneficial friendships.

On how many of these occasions have you thought of introducing Islam to your friends who are not yet Muslims? Just like you introduce yourself and bring up mundane, commonplace topics, have you ever shared Islam in the same way? Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps your friend who is not yet Muslim yearns to know about Islam and you have never told him/her anything about it?

How will it be on the day of judgement when we all appear before Allah (SWT) and when your friend is asked why he died without Islam he will point an accusing finger at you and ask you, “You knew this was the right path yet you were so selfish not to even lead me to it?”

How will you counter that? What will you tell Allah when He questions you on every person you met and failed to tell about Islam?

I get it; religious issues can be a little difficult to bring up, right? They are like ticking time bombs waiting to explode especially because of the numerous misconceptions about Islam. You are afraid of the questions which might come after you introduce Islam to someone. Most times you are even afraid of how you would react if say, you are asked about terrorism and hijab and other touchy subjects.

Talking about Dunya becomes very easy and animated while on the other hand bringing up a topic about Akhira is like pushing a massive oil drum uphill- there is always a tendency you may do or say something and the drum rolls back at you.

Fear is normal when you are not used to something but once you understand why you are doing it and keep practicing it becomes a beautiful habit; and you know what they say about HABIT- even if you remove H, ABIT of it still remains. And there is nothing more endearing for a Muslim than the habit of sharing Islam.

This past weekend we had the privilege of attending a Dawah training workshop at Madrasut Munawwar, Mombasa organized by Dawah Centre Kenya. The two day training was done by Bro Feysal Kassim, Sheikh Jamaludin Osman, Sheikh Ibrahim Al Gamal and Sheikh Rashid Ramadhan. We had the training for sisters on Saturday (MashAllah the sisters were more active than us) while Sunday was slotted for the brothers.

Bro Feysal broke down the acronym “FEAR” as two distinct sets of action; “Forget Everything And Run” or “Face Everything And Rise”. While faced with the fear to give Dawah you should use the latter and see yourself rise with every instance you share Islam; reason being the experience not only emboldens you but it challenges you to increase your knowledge. And as they say, knowledge is power and little of it is a danger.

The Dawah training came at the right point while we are all preparing for the upcoming Global Messenger Day on 16th of May.

Throughout the two days Bro Feysal motivated us to have the right attitude towards spreading Islam, to be empathetic enough to lead people on the right path since we have already tasted the sweet fruits of Islam and to desist from calling people “kaafir” but rather to use the term “not yet Muslim”. The latter, from my point of view creates an image in someone’s mind of a destination that he is yet to reach.

He also took us through four questions that every Muslim should answer comfortably;

  1. WHY am I doing what am doing? For instance, why do you eat, exercise, pray,fast? You might say that you do Dawah because you are carrying out a mission or seeking Allah’s (SWT) pleasure.

The answer to this query should be your MISSION.

  1. WHAT are the expected end results?

The answer to this becomes your VISION.

  1. WHAT do you want to achieve? For instance you might say that you want to earn Allah’s pleasure, pass the message of Tawheed or inform about Islam as a result of your Dawah activities.

The answer to this becomes your GOAL/OBJECTIVE.

  1. HOW do you want to achieve your goals? For instance you want to inform people about islam, how do you do it?

The answer to this becomes your PLAN.

Of course, as with everything a Muslim does, you gotta have the right intention as every deed is judged by the intention behind it. Knowledge too is paramount as you cannot inform people while you are deficient of it.

Bro Feysal pointed out three fundamental knowledge points;

  1. Know what you are calling to (Islam)
  2. Know who you are caling to (your audience).
  3. Know how to do the calling.

And to do the calling you must have the right character and be sincerity because in reality after everything has been said and done, it is your actions that market Islam more than your words.

In sha Allah we hope to see everyone who turned up for the training at the upcoming #GlobalMessengerDay on  May 16th.


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