Five Photos, Five Stories Day 5: Pleasing Allah.

I have known this gentleman right here in Mombasa Kenya, Sheikh Salim Mahfudh for quite sometime now; we have never met face to face though, just conversations over the phone after he got my number from a mutual acquaintance.

He sounds like a person in his late 40s to early 50s and he is passionate about Islam. He loves giving Da’wah and the main reason we came to know each other was through a brother he had guided to Islam. The thing i admire most about him is the love and support he shows to New Muslims. Wallahi he is the kind of Muslim who would make anyone love Islam coz of his good conduct and the way he speaks about the Deen of Allah.

Two weeks ago he gave me a call, he had given Da’wah to a non Muslim brother in a hotel while they were having lunch and the brother, walillahil hamd accepted Islam. We talked a bit and he sent the brother to our Center so i could give him a revert certificate and arrange for him a class.

He did not just send the brother on his own, he appointed another brother to be his guide to and from our Center coz he was visiting from Congo. He gave me specific instructions to call him once i was through with him so he could arrange food and a place to put up for the night; the brother had very little with him. He also requested i assist him get a rental place for the brother and he would take care of all the expenses!

After talking to the new brother, Abdallah Musa, he mentioned that his main aim of coming to Mombasa was to search for his father whom he had not seen for twenty eight years. Twenty eight long years away from his father yet his heart still yearned to make the trip to Kenya for this! His mum had passed on when he was fourteen and she had told him about his father and half brothers in Kenya.

At first i was a bit apprehensive; i kind of felt that twenty eight years was a long time to come search for someone. I asked him whether he had an alternative if he doesn’t find his family, a Plan B perhaps. I mean, it is alright to be optimistic but it doesn’t hurt to prepare oneself for either outcome. No, he said, he had no plan, just a firm conviction that God would provide a way. He said this with a distant look in his eye and i just prayed that everything would go well coz he had undergone through so much to get here.

Sheikh Salim heard about it and he was not as apprehensive as i may have been. He embarked on a journey to find Abdallah’s father, a journey that would by the will of Allah bring together a father and his long lost son!

He pulled all the strings he could for the brother, called people he knew would probably have an idea where his father was. Abdallah knew his father’s name and together with Sheikh Salim they started the search, all the while trying as much as he could to attend our introduction to Islam classes. They even wanted to make an announcement on radio about it when the search was almost proving futile.

Then after a week’s absence, Abdallah comes to the centre this past Wednesday with a huge smile on his face. He was accompanied by another brother whom Sheikh Salim had appointed as his guide. Finally, walillahil Hamd, the search and patience had borne fruit, he had met his family after twenty eight years! He is now putting up at his sister’s place and as you can imagine he was very much delighted.

All along, Sheikh Salim took it upon himself to assist Abdallah as much as he could. He treated like he was his own son and the beauty of it is that he did not ask anything of im. He promised him that he would still take care of him even if the search failed. Be strong Abdallah, he had comforted him, Allah has already granted you the greatest blessing of all, Islam!

Good natured people like Sheikh Salim make one to question their nafs, asking yourself what you had done for Muslims, for Islam without expecting anything in return other than Allah’s pleasure. As you can imagine, Abdallah’s journey to Islam started off with a kind gesture and i hope he will show the same kindness to a stranger when Allah grants him the opportunity.

So, what have you done for Islam or a fellow Muslim today seeking only the pleasure of Allah?

This was my last day on the challenge. Once again i sincerely thank sister Fatmawaty for nominating me. May Allah increase you in iman and grant you the strength to spread the message of Islam. May He grant you ease in all your undertakings and after all this is done, Jannattul Firdaus!

I nominate for the challenge.


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    • Got it….i have nominated another blogger jsut so we can spread out the challenge. i hope you don’t mind. Again i guess you must be a wonderful Muslim to get nominated that much…what’s your secret??!!!! BarakAllah!

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