Lose Yourself In the Moment….

It is the moment you should always be looking forward to. It may come announced or otherwise, but nevertheless it still is a moment worth cherishing, holding on to it and making it yours. You should own it and savour its exquisite fragrance and the promise it holds of an extra ordinary achievement of cosmic proportions.

…….Inna lilmuttaqina mafaza…(Qur’an 78:31)

You get ready for it. Clean yourself in anticipation. You think of the many who would have wanted to see it but they didn’t. It’s a privilege don’t you see? A privilege yet so many take for granted. Urrgh, you sigh, humans and their perverse philosophies.

…..hatta zurutumul maqabir…..(Qur’an 102: 2)

Then the caller does his thing. You remain cool, calm, collected. Your heart beats on slowly bringing you to the realization that there will be a time when it will beat no more. Your lips move slowly as you repeat the words, rolling them in your tongue, eyes closed, and mind fully alert.

The words are not just any other simple words which form the agendas of mindless conversations. They are colossal, prodigious and inconceivably bonded to every believing soul that proudly proclaims La illaha ilaAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah…..

Your mind strays just momentarily. Takes you back to a moment in history when the light of Islam illuminated the world. The moment when Bilal (RA) would proclaim the adhan and all and sundry would head to the Mosque.

The mosque of our beloved Prophet, may Peace and blessings be upon him…

Praying behind him…..

What a moment it was. What a moment it could have been to walk in the shadow of the greatest man who ever lived….

To look into his mesmerising eyes filled with the light of truth and Imaan and love and mercy….

To feel his embrace, his reassuring touch and soothing voice reminding you that indeed Allah is close to you more than your jugular vein, and that when you walk towards Allah He will run towards you…..

And you fight along the glorious sahabah. You fight for the sake of Allah, for the sake of Islam. And you defend the prophet’s (pbuh) honour with everything you got…….

Eventually, you get a resting place amongst the martyrs at Baqi’i with the cream of this ummah!

But again…

That was then, could or would have been so, but for today, it shan’t be.

This is the moment. Lose yourself in it. Get into your salah and lose yourself in the remembrance of Allah.

Let not anything you distract you from attaining maximum Khushoo.

Remember that you should pray as if you see Akhirah before you, the world behind you, jannah to your right and Jahannam to your left…….


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