Al Muslim, Akhul Muslim.

Asalam Alykum,
I wrote about a new sister in Islam here, name is Warda. We went through the everyday challenges she faces as a mother and a New Muslimah who has brought her sister and 2 nephews to the fold of Islam.

As mentioned, her sister has a medical condition which has put her in such a position that she cannot work to take care of her two sons, Yusuf and Islam who are 16 and 22 years respectively.

Islam does inconsistent gigs as a driver while Yusuf is a Form 2 student at Makupa boys High school right here in Mombasa County.

Yusuf is an extraordinary boy. After he became a Muslim in November 2014 he started Introduction to Islam course at our centre. Normally, the classes are done in the evening between Salatul Asr and Maghrib. For him we had to organise a class in the afternoon so he could sell porridge in the evening to assist the mother, Warda’s sister.

After just a month, one of our tutors gave him a quiz on the tenets of Islam and a few other things he had learnt. His score was a straight 100%, something no other New Muslim had done in our centre after such a short time.

Warda was always calling the centre daily to confirm whether Yusuf and Islam were attending our free classes. She wants the best for them and Allah has answered her Dua by making their hearts inclined towards learning about the Deen of Islam.

She told us that Yusuf performs equally well in his studies, always a top three students inspite of inconsistent attendance due to lack of school fees. Last year he attended school for less than 3 months in all 3 terms, and this term he has been home for the same issue.

I saw his result slip and wallahi this kid is bright MashAllah! In first term last year, he was position 1 out of 47, he had attended for about 2 months. Term 2 he was position 5 out of 47 and he had attended for just a week before the school sent him home due to lack of fees. Term 3 he hit position 3 out 47 after attending for for about a month and a half.

They have tried numerous times to get a bursary from Shariff Nassir Foundation and the office of Mombasa County governor Ali Hassan Joho to no avail. Considering the number of needy students in the county we cannot fault the offices for not assisting everyone. I mean, the number of those seeking bursaries is very high.

Warda pays what she can through her meagre earnings from selling cigarretes. Before you jump up in suprise wondering why a Muslim sister is working a haram job, you should first consider her situation:

She pays house rent for herself and her sister.
Upkeep for both houses is on her.
She is a single mother.
Yusuf, Islam and her 18 year old daughter all depend on her.
The pay is barely enough to even save and start a small business which can maintain her responsibilities.

When you get to meet her and understand her predicament, your respect for single Muslim mothers will escalate. The love she has for her daughter and two nephews will move you to tears. The most endearing thing in her story is that she does not stoop so low as to beg for hand outs.

She will tell you of how far she walks to meets targets set by her boss…..going round in Likoni and back to mainland walking from the ferry, all around the CBD and other areas to make a living…..

And the shame she feels when she is required to sell the same products in Bars…….
Yet she does it, not because she loves it but coz she has responsibilities…….

Where are we as Muslims, while our sisters wear out their soles hustling in haram jobs? Are we being our sisters’ keeper when she has to go through all this to take care of her kids?
What of Yusuf? Isn’t this talent and brain that can be used in a positive way in the ummah? Is Ksh 26,000 too much for Muslims in Mombasa to raise for such a bright boy?

When a Muslim woman is struggling this much, not to buy fancy clothes for herself but to ensure her kids are well taken care of, it is bound to move any believing Muslim/Muslimah to action by rushing to assist her any way we can.

After all, are we not supposed to be our brothers/sisters keepers?

“A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim – he does not wrong him nor does he forsake him when he is in need; whosoever is fulfilling the needs of his brother, Allah is fulfilling his needs; whosoever removes distress from a believer, Allah removes from him a distress from a distressful aspect of the Day of Resurrection; and whosoever conceals the faults of a Muslim, Allah will conceal his faults on the Day of Resurrection.” (Bukhary and Muslim)


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