The Mswalah and its story

Every slave of Allah who walks the face of the earth has his story. In similar fashion, i tend to think that everything has a story too, or rather some will be required to tell their story on the day of Qiyamah….

When the sky shall be rolled up like a scroll…..

When Allah will sieze the earth, and the heavens will be in His right Hand….

And the mountains will be like carded wool….

When Allah will inspire the earth to declare its information about all that happened over it of good or evil….


Got me thinking….

I had just finished two rakaat Nawafil Salaah right before dhuhr. As i was prostrating, the area on the mswalah was a bit moist, a sign that someone had prayed there before me.

Only i had not seen him….

After i was through with my two rakaat, i moved on to another spot where i joined the rest for dhuhr.

And the thought of the moist area stuck with me.

I had obviously also left it a bit more moist. Someone else would come and feel the same, probabbly wonder who had prayed there before him.

It is said that when a righteous person dies, the earth weeps for him. At that moment i wondered how many people would have the priviledge of having that spot in the masjid weep for them…

10, 100, 1000?

How many?

How many other Muslims had prostrated on the same spot, and they are no longer with us?

They could have been way farers, just stopping by for salaah and heading their way to distant lands, distant masjids, distant hearths….

Ot maybe they went on a journey that they would never return from… their graves, a step away from meeting their Maker….

Just how many people had cried on the same spot, begging Allah (swt) for forgiveness, sustenance, guidance, good health…..a blessed life?

How many had sat on that spot doing dhikr, getting so immersed in the remembrance of their Lord that they never noticed the time flying by on the wings of haste…..enjoying the tranquility that engulfs a believer’s heart upon remembering Allah (swt)?

Am i any better or worse than them?

If am gone the next minute, will the spot in the mswala weep for me, miss me…..crave for the moistness of my tears as i pray to Allah?

Or will it forget me the moment i rise up and walk away?

I wonder, what story will the spot tell of me when it is commanded to?

What is my story? My legacy?
What’s your story? Your legacy?

When the earth is shaken with its final eartquake.
And when the earth throws out its burdens.
And man will say, “What is the matter with it?”
That day will it declareits information (about all that happened over it of good or evil): Quran 99:1-4


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