Photo credit : http://forums.understanding-islam.com/showthread.php?6437-Which-is-the-correct-Shahaada-In-Al-Qur-aan/page10 Photo credit : http://forums.understanding-islam.com/showthread.php?6437-Which-is-the-correct-Shahaada-In-Al-Qur-aan/page10

After hashtag #KillAllMuslims , now the new hashtag  #WhoisMuhammad. Subhanallah, Allah will guide them (the people whom fear of Islam and whom hate Prophet Muhammad) to His right path, insha’Allah. Ameen.

You can also read about it on my sister’s blog, Muslim Girl In Love,  The More The Merrier- Answering #WhoIsMuhammad (PBUH). (Thank you Sister for your beautiful post).

The people who hate Islam today, will love Islam more ,  insha’Allah,

The people who mock our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW, will love him more, insha’Allah.  Everything   is possible if Allah will.

رضيت  بالله  ربا، وبالاسلام  دينا، وبمحمد  نبيا  ورسولا

محمد  رسولنا

محمد  نبينا

محمد  حبيبنا

محمد  قدوتنا

يارسول الله  سلام عليك

يا حبيب الله  سلام عليك

صلوات الله  عليك

I’m willing Allah as my Lord, and Islam as my religion, and Muhammad as my prophet and my Rasool (messenger).


Muhammad is our messenger,

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