Charlie Hebdo: Double standards and hypocrisy.

It goes without saying, lose of life in whichever way cannot be justified; and after the attack on the jouranlists at Charlie Hebdo, we saw a whooping 3.7 Million march on the streets of Paris to show solidarity with the victims.

Prior to the march, i remember seeing and hearing lots of people saying that yes, indeed Charlie Hebdo had in the past gone over board with their brand of satire, the only thing that they were against was the reaction which led to lose of life.

A few days later more than 40 world leaders joined the March.

It was no longer about Charlie being overly satirical and abusive to a religion with the biggest following after Christianity; it was about Islam and curbing terrorism in the West.

It was about raising the red flag higher that Muslims are hell bent on destoying the Jewish people and their establishments.

It was about freedom of speech and not the case of such freedom taken too far!

Yet, some of these leaders are involved in far much worse crimes not only to journalists but to Muslims in general.

Nobody has raised a finger to protest about satirising prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

None of these leaderes considered it abusive to satirise him, none talked about the offensive nature of the cartoon to the billions of Muslims across the globe.

The hypocrisy goes both ways with Muslim leaders not striking a balance on the issue.

Again, France is not the only country that has had such attacks or lose of life. Right here in Africa, thousands lost their lives in a recent attack by Boko Haram in Nigeria.

Where were the leaders then?

Isn’t an African life, or any other life that is not “Western” worth a march on the streets?

Instead, when these things happen in our back yard, they slap us with sanctions and travel advisories while withdrawing and closing their Embassies.

How many journalists have died in the same countries where these leaders come from? How many have been jailed wrongfully?

To me this is just an overrated show of double standards and hypocrisy.

Why can’t the same leaders call for respect towards religion and the beliefs, asking the entire world to quit satire which will evoke such kind of reactions?

While they accuse us Muslims of being radical and extreme, i say it is them who radicalise and profile people along religious lines.

Were it not for the fact that they probably gain something from increased Islamophobia, religious tolerance would be very much alive across the globe. Take for instance how the people of Birmingham reacted on Twitter after Steve Emerson, so called “Terrosism expert” cited the area to be a no go zone due to the large number of Muslims. Or how the Aussie’s showed solidarity with Muslims after a recent hostage predicament carried out by a Muslim.

That’s my 2 cents on the issue.


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