Mum, I am in a religious crisis!

I met him through a good friend of mine, Sheikh Jamaldin. It was evident in his voice that he was extremely pleased at Omara’s conversion to Islam, just like in his good nature he is always immensely pleased when anyone reverts.

This is the story of Omara who reverted on 19th Dec 2014 at a Masjid Sheikh Jamaldin prays in. Omara says he had wanted to revert for a few days before he came to Mombasa for his holidays but was just waiting for the opportune moment to do so; he is a Campus student in Eldoret.

So when he got to Mombasa that morning he was feeling overly restless; he sensed a great desire to go to any Mosque and take his Shahada; he was already familiar with the Shahada process, thanks to a Muslim friend in campus. Without even taking time to rest he went to a masjid in Mombasa town; the first Muslim he met wasn’t that much helpful, unfortunately, but he did not give up.

After spending an entire day pretty much doing nothing other than weighing his options and trying to strike some sort of balance in his spirituality, he found himself at a Masjid in Tudor after Salatul Isha, feeling lost and in need of something that would give him a clearer purpose in life.

Sh jamaldin was still in the mosque together with a couple of other Muslims. He approached them and told them he wanted to become a Muslim. He took his Shahada that very moment.

As we know, Allah (swt) forgives a persons’ previous sins once they revert. It’s incumbent to tell a new muslim this just so they know that they are starting on a clean slate and that their previous sins ill not count anymore. For most, this is an immensely overwhelming moment which always make them break into tears…..

Yesterday he came to our Revert centre for the second time. Previously, like all New Muslims he was not certain how he would break the news of his reversion to his folks, especially his mum. He even left the books we normally give to reverts to assist them in grasping the basics about Islam for fear of his parents noticing and probably castigating him for his decision.

After a week’s absence, he came back and gladly told me that he had received a breakthrough, Alhamdulillah. His mum had approached him after noticing quite a number of changes in him.

His heart skipped a beat and he thought like, ok, here we go now, this is the moment am gonna get kicked out of the house……

“I have noticed that you no longer come home drunk, you don’t listen to music, you seem rather humble unlike before and you no longer seem interested in Telly……and you also seem to be, uummm, well……taking it easy on the girls!!”

“Mum,” he said, “am currently in a religious crossroads. Like am in a position in my life where am trying to find my spiritual compass.”

“Isn’t the bible adequate for that?” Mum queried.

“No it’s not,” he answered. “The bible poses more questions than answers which can be quite confusing if you are looking for the truth. For instance………..” he went through several passages in the Bible which were not consistent.

His mum gave up, she did not castigate him though.

“Ok,” she said, “if it’s truth you are searching for then all the best. I will be ok with any decision you take.”

She walked out and he felt like a huge part of the burden in his heart had eased away…..
“And son?”
“I already appreciate the NEW you!”

To him, this was a breakthrough. The next time, In Sha Allah he revisits the issue he will have more courage explaining to mum why he became a Muslim.

Now, one thing that is very common with most new Muslims in Omara’s position who are still living with their folks is the tricky part of attending Salaah, especially Fajr. It really raises a lot of curiosity when a brother keeps leaving the house at Five in the morning.

Not eating during Ramadan….

Not going to Church anymore…..

For sisters it’s even harder coz they have to put on the hijab!
Currently, Omara is already through memorizing Surat Al Fatihah and the necessary duas for Salaah and will be attending our centre for the introduction to Islam classes held daily between Asir and Maghrib Salaah.
My prayer is that Allah grants him ease as he tries to balance his time in learning more about Islam and that through him, others especially his parents, also get Hidaya.
“If anyone desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter he shall be among the losers.” [Quran 3:85]


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