What’s Your End Game?

Death: the eventuality of life; destroyer of pleasures.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust!
Today you are here, tomorrow you are late

The late so and so- your new home is the grave!
All worldly windows and tabs collapsed to- “The Late!”
Were you late in discovering the truth?
In realising your purpose in life- being meaningful?
Late in the knowledge that you were just a stranger in this world,
Resting under a shade-
Bound to move on after your coffee break-
And you are not an evolved ape?

The game starts in the womb, ends in the tomb-
From the womb to the tomb, how’s that?
You either play to win, or lose.
And when the angels question you in the grave
“Who was your Lord?”
Will you smile and say, “My Lord is Allah!”
Or will you sigh, and regret worshipping others?

What’s your end game, when the earth will be rolled like a scroll?
And the mountains crushed to oblivion?

Competition in [worldly] increase diverts you. Until you visit the graveyards. Quran 102:1-2


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