Sandwiches and Salah!

Ali was just about to join the rest for Salah. He was a little bit worried about the office key he had lost, and his boss being the fire spitting dragon he was would surely going to barbeque him for dinner.

His heart was thumping furiously against the rib cage. his mind was in toatl disarray. He had to find the key by any means necessary….

Mmmh, by any means necessary gladdened his heart; he was a big admirer of Malcolm X. He allowed a thought to permeate his brain, asking himself and actually visualizing how Malcom would do in his situation.

The iqamah was being announced and they started Salaah. His stomach grumbled. It grumbled a second time and he was pretty certain everyone had heard it. He fixated his gaze on the place of Sujuud as he did his Salaah, fighting hard to keep his mind from straying……

He remembered the sandwiches he had left at his desk. He was to have them for lunch. Damn, he had lost the key and he had not remembered to eat something else before salah; now the hunger pangs were having a field day passing a referendum inside his tummy.

He did his best to get his mind back to salah. The Imam went into the first Rukuu. A few seconds in and Shaytaan assaulted him with a vision so clear that he remembered where he had lost his keys…….

SubhanaAllah! It was a long way from Tasleem……what now? What if by the end of Salaah he would have forgotten the vivion?

These are insinuating thouights (waswaas)from Shaytaan which mostly happen when one is in salaah. This happened once to one of the sahaabah, ‘Uthmaan ibn Abi al- ‘Aas (RA). He came to the Prophet (pbuh) and complained about it:

“The Shaytaan comes between me and my salaah, and causes me to falter in my recitation.” The Messenger (pbuh) said: “That is a Shaytaan called Khanzab. If you sense his presence, seek refuge with Allah and spit (dry spitting) to your left three times.” ‘Uthman later said: “I did that and Allah rid me of him (the Shaytaan).” [Saheeh Muslim, No 2203].

The above hadeeth indicates two ways of warding off the Shaytaan who tries to disrupt one’s prayer; seeking refuge with Allah by pronouncing the words ‘audhu Billahi mina shaytaani rajim (I seek refuge with Allah from the accursed devil) and dry spitting to the left three times.

Both are done while in Salaah; just remember to be moderate with it! Pronounce the words softly so as not to distract others, and dry spit (key word here is DRY)…….please don’t spit as if you want to drown your fellow brothers in the Masjid!


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