Another one bites the dust!

It’s suprising how people tend to think you are treading the wrong path once you revertt to Islam. in fact, it’s easier to be regarded differently if you choose to be an Atheist, or even a Free Mason than when you become a Muslim.

I reverted at a time when there was a story about a certain fish which had the inscription of Allah’s Name on it. As a ‘Newbie‘ i had no idea what to say about it if my Non Muslims queried; for love’s sake i didn’t even know how to read anything in Arabic, all i saw was a few lines and that was it!

So am heading to the Gym and i come across our ‘instructor‘ having a conversation with another friend about the aforementioned fish. They sit me down like elders imparting knowledge in a young man:

Listen man, we know you have become a Muslim and we respect that,” the instructor says,a serious look on his face. his colleague nods sagaciously, the way a Science professor would nod if a student got the right mixture for laughing gas.

Yes,” i answer, eagerly anticipating the lecture.

We just want to advice you about this whole Islam thing,” he adds. “It’s a religion full of funny, weird things, like this fish issue!”

I smelt a fish!

Today they say they found the name of God in a fish, tomorrow will be something else… this a religion you want to be in?”

The conversation got boring and i started getting angry mostly because i had no solid facts to back me up.

Then another time am walking home and i meet a good lady we used to attend the same church with. She queries me on why i abandoned Christianity and Jesus and Holy communion and the Holy Spirit….

Your aunt must have been really disappointed about your reversion!” she said.

Umm, why would she, am a grown up!”

No, i mean, the way she has tried bringing you up in a Christian way,” she looked rather remorseful like she had lost her favorite granny who made the sweetest cookies……”and now this (pointing at me)!”

At this point, i almost felt like something the cat had dragged in, then in my mind am like, my life my choice, what the H?!

So you no longer believe in Jesus?” she continues.

Well,” rubbing my hands, “We Muslims believe in Jesus and all other prophets before him. The difference betwen you and me is that i believe in Jesus as a prophet of Almighty God while you believe in him as God’s son, or part of God in the trinity!”

But Jesus is God!” she said, sounding very convinced.

We will pray for you to come back to Christ!” that was her parting shot.

Ultimately, i held on to the Rope Of Allah and eight years down the line am still a Muslim, alhamdulillah.

Islam is not about proving something to someone, or doing a certain thing coz, well, so snd so is doing it and it loks cool. It’s about being accountable for your actions while at the sam time having a firm believe in Allah and worshipping Him alone.

So when a family thinks that their child has made a wrong decision to join Islam, i say they should be grateful because Islam being such a complete way of life will shape their kids to be the best, most respectable individuals they will ever see!


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